June Stitch Fix

June 24, 2015

stitchfixjune15My June Stitch Fix box arrived a few days ago. It was my 6th box and the first time that I did not keep a single item. For those who have never heard of Stitch Fix, it is a personal styling service. You fill out a questionnaire about your style, size and price point, and a stylist will send you a box of items. You pay a $20 styling fee, but that is credited back into your account if you keep at least one item. You pay only what you decide to keep. Of course it’s best to keep at least one item so you don’t lose the $20 credit, but this month I just did not like anything enough to justify keeping it, so I sent everything back. Here is my review of this month’s box in the order of the picture above:

1. Bash Loreto Crew Neck Blouse $38
This pink blouse actually doesn’t look bad in the picture, but in person the quality is very low. Honestly of all of the stores I regularly shop at, I have not seen or touched anything as low quality as this blouse. It looked fine with a skirt, but the fit is too big/loose when I wear it with jeans.

2. Pixley Florence Colorblocked Dress $68
In the letter from my stylist, she said this is their most popular dress. I wasn’t a fan of the colors, and it wrinkles very easily. The dress isn’t casual enough for everyday wear, but isn’t nice enough for work or a night out. I couldn’t think of any occasions I would wear this dress to… maybe to happy hour but I have lots of other outfits I could choose from. For all these reasons, I decided to not keep the dress.

3. Collective Concepts Mufasa Tie-Front Top $58
I love the color, fabric and fit of this top. The color is great for summer and the patterns are unique. The fabric was soft and looked high quality. The fit was also great on me. What I didn’t like were the price and the maintenance. I have seen other similar tops for under $58, and I didn’t love this enough to want to pay that price. Also, this is dry clean only, which seems to be very high maintenance for a casual summer top. I’m not looking to add more pieces to my dry cleaning bill.

4. Loveappella Wendy Knit Top $48
This isn’t my style at all. It does not look youthful and is definitely not something I want to be wearing this summer.

5. Bancroft Austin Mini Spoon Drops Necklace $34 (not pictured)
I forgot to take a picture of this before shipping it back. Right off the bat I knew it wasn’t my style so I didn’t even take it out of the box.

The problem with personal styling services is that price, quality, and style don’t often align with my own. I continue to order these fixes because I like discovering new brands, it’s extremely convenient, and there is that joy of opening up a new box.

My brother, Jason, has been a Trunk Club member for a couple of years now. Trunk Club is similar to Stitch Fix, but it’s just for men and has much better customer service. Jason actually have conversations with his stylist so that she gets him exactly what he is looking for instead of sending random boxes (which is how I felt about Stitch Fix this month). Trunk Club is piloting a version for women and sent me a private invitation, but I declined after finding out the starting price. I am good at finding great deals and I didn’t want to trouble someone in putting together a box for me when I am not likely to pay the price for the items. It would definitely be a great service for a woman who is willing to spend a few hundred dollars per box, values the convenience over shopping for herself, and is looking for high quality customer service that will tailor the box for her exact needs.

Let me know if you’ve used personal styling services before and what you think of them!