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All About Sheet Masks

August 10, 2015


A few months ago I traveled to Japan and bought over a hundred sheet masks. Prior to that, I had not seen many sheet masks in the US, so I wanted to stock up. Lately I have seen several retailers starting to carry more options. Some of them have even launched a whole line of them, such as the Sephora Face Mask collection. Still, sheet mask is still a new concept in the US so I thought it’d be helpful to write a post about it.

What is sheet mask?

Sheet masks are mostly made out of a thin cotton or fiber sheet that fits the entire face. It has a liquid formula that’s intended to moisturize, brighten, nourish, firm, etc. You need to clean your face before applying. Most of the time you leave it on for 15-30 minutes, then you discard the sheet, but you do not wash your face like you would a traditional mask. They are packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, so do NOT wash off! I typically massage my face so that the product gets more distributed onto my skin. After application, your skin will glow as if you’ve just come from the spa!

Sheet masks are very different from a traditional face mask (clay mask). Traditional masks cleanse and exfoliate, are intended to be washed off, and a serum and moisturizer are needed as a last step. A sheet mask mostly hydrates and moisturizes the face, so it does not replace traditional masks.

Types of sheet masks:

While all sheet masks are hydrating, they do have different benefits. The most common ones will moisturize and brighten. I’ve also seen ones that will reduce fine lines, fight acne, minimize pores, etc. Below are the ones I have at home and have tried. When my skin is feeling dry or I’m traveling, I like the ones that are more hydrating. I have some acne pigmentation so I like the brightening masks as well.

Hydrating Masks

Hydrating Masks


Brightening Masks

Usage and Cost:

I typically use a sheet mask 1-2 times a week, alternating between sheet masks and traditional clay masks. I have seen a HUGE difference with my skin ever since I started using sheet masks. I haven’t had any breakouts since winter, and all of my old scars are fading. I always pack one when I travel because my skin needs extra hydration from the airport and plane! Sheet masks are not cheap, especially if you purchase them in the US. When I was in Japan, I bought hundreds of them because most came in packs and averaged about $1-2 per sheet. I’m sure the cost is similar throughout Asia. However if you purchase them at Sephora or at a similar retailer, they will average between $3-$20 PER sheet. For example, on the low end is Sephora’s Face Collection which costs $6 for a pack of two, while on the high end are Dr. Jart+ at $20 per sheet or SK-II at $17 per sheet. That’s crazy, right?? The cost makes it hard to incorporate sheet mask into the skincare routine, but I would suggest you try a couple of them out. It’s such a treat and a great way to pamper yourself. Instead of going to the spa (which can cost $50+ per session), you can treat yourself at home with a sheet mask!

Let me know if you’ve used sheet masks before and what you think of them!

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