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Speechless for Seattle

September 8, 2015


My husband, Ted, and I are absolutely in love with Seattle! It was our first visit to this breathtaking city and it exceeded every expectation. I love the energy of the city and everything a big city has to offer, and I love the countless getaway options when one needs some peace and quiet. Here are some highlights from our trip:

Day 1:

We stayed two nights at the W in downtown Seattle. The W is in a fantastic location–walking distance to restaurants, shops, Pike Place Market, etc. We explored Pike Place Market, had a late lunch with Ted’s cousin at Japonessa Sushi, watched the Minnesota Gopher football game, and had dinner with another cousin at Din Tai Fung, an amazing restaurant specializing in xiaolongbao. There are a few locations worldwide, with one of the restaurants awarded one Michelin Star. There were 8 of us at dinner and we ordered family style, so I got to try at least 15 different dishes! We ended the night with Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.





Day 2:

Our day started at 6:30am since we had to get to Pier 69 by 7:30am to catch a boat ride to San Juan Island for whale watching. We sat with this older couple from Montana and had a great conversation with them. The boat ride was 3 hours long and it was very windy on the deck since it was going pretty fast, so we stayed inside during most of the ride. Once we got to the island, we spent about an hour whale watching. We saw 3 pods of killer whales and they were just breathtaking!! None of them came fully out of the water, but I was able to capture a photo of the baby whale peeking out. After whale watching, we were dropped off at Friday Harbor. We had a late lunch and explored the town. The town is so charming and Ted said he would love to stay overnight on the island the next time we visit. We went back to Seattle that night and had dinner near the pier. By this point, we had been eating seafood during every meal. The seafood is so fantastic in Seattle!







Day 3:

We checked out of the W that morning because my classmate, Tushar, and his wife, Krista, invited us to stay with them for the rest of our Seattle trip. Ted and I got a coffee at the Original Starbucks and watched the Toronto TC team walk past us. We waited in a long line to get mini donuts from Daily Dozen Doughnut Co. Next, Tushar drove us to Everett to go on the Boeing factory tour. That is the world’s largest plant, with a footprint of 98.3 acres! We couldn’t take any photos inside, but I got a picture of the Dreamlifter, which is one of four in the world, made exclusively to transport parts for the Dreamliner. I was shocked and impressed by the scale of this plant!! We also visited the Microsoft campus. It was about 5pm on a Saturday during Labor Day weekend, and there were a bunch of people there just… hanging out. People were watching TV, chatting on the couches, and a family even took over one of the kitchens and it looked like they were having a family dinner. It was bizarre. Perhaps people just love to hang out at the Microsoft campus. That night we met up with other classmates and Ted’s cousin at the Seattle Sounders vs Toronto TC game at Century Link Field. Despite the thunderstorm, the stadium was packed and the energy of the crowd was great. After the game, we went to a piano bar.





Overall, we think Seattle is a wonderful city and we hope to visit again soon, or even to live in someday 🙂 We want to thank our friends and family for showing us this amazing city and for your warm hospitality!

I haven’t had any time to blog since our days are packed. We are currently in Portland and I will try to post some of the Portland highlights soon! In the meantime, you can follow our adventures through ditchtheheels on Instagram!

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