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One Year Wiser, Birthday Reflections

October 28, 2015

IMG_1824Dress: TIFF | Heels: Calvin Klein | Scarf: Burberry

My birthday was this past Sunday and I had a great time celebrating with my friends and husband! They asked me questions such as “What are 3 accomplishments from the previous year?” “What have been the high point and low point of the past year?” “What have you learned about yourself?” “What do you look forward to this year?” I realized in the past I have never spent time on my birthdays to reflect, so I have been thinking about these questions for the last couple of days. There have been so many changes and new opportunities this past year–I moved to Chicago to start business school, my husband and I started long distance, I traveled to a few international destinations, I spent time recruiting for jobs, etc. Overall, I could write pages on my answers to the questions above, but I wanted to highlight a couple of things:

Relationships matter. Treasure the people who are important. In business school, I have met so many amazing classmates. Many have shown incredible kindness and selflessness, many have inspired me and challenged me, many have lifted my spirit when I was down, and many will be my lifelong friend. Even though I am away at school, my family and friends are the most important people in my life. I talk to them regularly and love seeing them when I have a little bit of break from school. One year from now, my husband and I may be starting over in a new city, which will bring many exciting adventures, but I hope to never lose track of a friend/family because of time or distance.

Be proud of your own accomplishments. School has been a humbling experience. Never in my life have I met so many incredibly smart, talented and ambitious people. When I hear about the things classmates have accomplished or are working on, this often inspires and motivates me, but sometimes I question my own accomplishments. I have learned that this comparison is a waste of energy and time. Chasing someone else’s dream or following the norm won’t bring me happiness. It was a hard decision to spend 2 years away from my husband and to go into major debt in order to pay the outrageous tuition bills, so I’m going to make those sacrifices count by accomplishing my own goals!

Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone. This has not always been easy for me but it’s something I will always be working on. Launching this blog was going out of my comfort zone. When I first started, I told my friends that I will do some fashion posts but cut out my head because I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of myself online. When I slowly started sharing this blog with close friends and family, one said “This is fantastic, why don’t you post the link on Facebook?” For me the blog has not been about gaining thousands of followers so I can become a full-time blogger (though I admit is is fun to think about sometimes!), but the blog was started as a creative outlet and as a way of learning more about social media/content creation/user engagement. It has been serving its purpose and I have been having fun at my photo shoots too!!

Those are just some of my birthday reflections! I want to thank my friends/family for thinking of me on my birthday, my lovely girlfriends for treating me to high tea, and my husband for making my birthday weekend extra special!