February 2016 Stitch Fix

February 12, 2016

stitch fix february 2016

Happy Friday! I received my 10th fix from Stitch Fix a couple days ago. Yes, the lighting on the pictures above look different because the sun set after I changed out of my first outfit! What a difference that makes, and that’s why it’s so difficult taking pictures during the winter months! Anyways, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service and I receive a box from them every other month. You pay a $20 styling fee, but that is credited back if you keep at least one item. You pay only what you decide to keep. If you decide to keep all the items, you will receive a 25% off the entire purchase. Here is my review of this month’s box and my decisions:

MAK Nadira Pullover Sweater $58
When I first pulled this from the box, I thought “Another black sweater?? I have like 5 of these already.” But I fell in love after I put it on. It’s super soft and very flattering. The knitting is very well done and I love the little holes. I also thought the pricing was very reasonable.
Decision: Keep

Bay to Baubles Jay Tassel Pendant Necklace $34
This is a fun, stunning necklace. I was on the fence about whether to keep it. Although I love it, I didn’t think I’d wear it often. I was worried about the quality and thought it might go bad after a year. I personally would rather spend more money on quality jewelry that will last years and years.
Decision: Return

Market & Spruce Chaimbers Cowl Neck Knit Top $48
The fit was great and it’s an easy piece to style, but it didn’t really stand out to me.
Decision: Return

Papermoon Brianna Aline Skirt $68
Fun color and perfect fit, but I didn’t love it. It also wrinkles easily and I’m not a fan of the slit in the front!
Decision: Return

Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest $68
Super soft and lightweight, but I already have 3 vests at home that I never wear. I also thought the pockets were strange–it’s super uncomfortable when I put my hands in from the top and it looks unnatural. Why would they make the pockets like this?!?!
Decision: Return

I decided to only keep one item from my box. After deducting the styling credit, I had to pay an additional $38. I love the sweater and wore it already! I also went into my online profile and updated the price points on item pieces I want to receive. As mentioned above, I prefer higher quality jewelry, so I increased my price preference for that. I also increased the price preference for dresses and left a note for my stylist to send dresses in my next box since I’m counting down to Spring/Summer!

It was 20 degrees F / -7 degrees C out today so I almost froze going outside for this picture. The struggle is real for fashion bloggers in cold climate!

stitch fix february 2016

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