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May Beauty Discoveries

June 8, 2016

may 2016 beauty favorites

Three days ago, Ditch the Heels celebrated 1 year since its first post!! I cannot believe it has been a year already. This has been an amazing journey of learning and I plan to continue posting! I will actually have a longer post about this next week, so for now, lets talk about my May beauty discoveries since I am so behind schedule on this 🙂

For those new to my blog, every month I write about new beauty discoveries instead of monthly favorites since my favorites don’t change very often. I try to use these discoveries for the entire month in order to write a fair review. Here are some new products I used throughout May:

MAC Fix+ – This is a mist packed with vitamins and minerals to give the skin a boost of hydration. It is a cult favorite that I purchased recently. It doesn’t make my makeup last longer, but it hydrates the skin and creates a dewy makeup look. I also like to spray this on makeup brushes before putting on eye shadow because it makes the colors more vibrant.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara – I would say this is an average mascara. It is long wearing and provides volume and length, but got clumpy after just a couple of weeks.

LUSH Lip Scrub – I recently ran out of the Sara Happ lip scrub, a scrub I’ve been using for 5+ years, and I thought I should try something new. I like that the castor sugar in the Lush scrub is extremely fine so it’s not as rough on the lips, but the scrub does not have enough oil to hold everything together, so every time I apply it, sugar just goes everywhere. It is not as effective as the Sara Happy scrubs either, so I would recommend purchasing the Sarah Happ scrubs instead!

Benefits Cosmetic Hoola Bronzer – I never used to apply bronzer, but I have been in a bronzing mood this Spring! This is another cult favorite that I decided to try out. It is absolutely beautiful!! It looks very natural and subtle on my skin, but if I get any tanner this won’t show up on my skin anymore. I will be switching to a different bronzer and will save this for the winter months when my skin is lighter.

Ciate Sundays Nail Polish – I’ve been wearing this color for over a month now!! It is a beautiful light pink–perfect for Spring/Summer/wedding. The formula is long wearing, shiny and easy to apply.

ciate sunday nail polish

ciate sunday nail polish

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