Maxi Dress for Beach Wedding

February 29, 2016

IMG_2652Dress: Eliza J // Shoes: Aldo (now 33% off!) // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Sunglasses: Versace 

I just got back from a wedding in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was a nice short break from school and Chicago winter. Since the wedding was on the beach at the Hard Rock Hotel, most of us stayed at the resort. It was one of my first vacations where I did not get a chance to explore the town since the resort was all-inclusive with lots of activities and restaurants. However, we went on a boat ride on our second day and got to see a little bit more. Punta Cana is absolutely stunning with beautiful white sand and blue ocean!

Since this was my first beach wedding, I did quite a bit of online research on what to wear. In most cases, the outfit cannot be too casual or overly formal. Beach weddings tend to be casual, but that doesn’t mean shorts and flip flops unless instructed by the bride and groom. Certain fabric will work better, for example satin or silk would look odd or too formal at a day-time beach wedding. Since it’s on the beach with the ocean in the background, I thought a maxi dress would be perfect because it’s romantic and flowy. This Eliza J dress immediately caught my eyes–it came a bit too long so I had it altered before the wedding. I would recommend wearing flat sandals since heels and wedges are hard to walk on and annoying when you get sand all over it.

I’m back in Chicago with two more weeks left of winter quarter. Life is crazy busy right now and I just need to survive the next two weeks! I am looking forward to Spring!






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