Beauty Subscription Box Reviews

December 12, 2016


I remember when I received my first beauty subscription box–I felt like a little kid on Christmas and couldn’t wait to see the products inside. Since my first box from Birchbox, I have subscribed to several other beauty subscription boxes. I love opening the boxes to discover what’s inside, reading the product descriptions, researching online, and trying the products. Beauty products can be expensive, but these subscription boxes make it easier to discover emerging brands or cult products without breaking the bank. The smaller size also make them great for travel. Here are mini reviews of some of the boxes I have subscribed to:

Birchbox – $10/month
The original, and the most popular, beauty box. Each box contains 5 trial-sized products. If you review the samples, you will earn Birchbox Points to apply toward the purchase of full-sized items. I stopped subscribing to this because I think the products are too small. Most of the time I can only use the products a few times, which is not enough to test a product, especially if it is a skincare item.

Glossybox – $21/month
On the pricer side but the product size is very generous. The boxes come with at least one full-sized item so this ends up being a great deal for the price paid. You can take surveys to receive glossydots for free boxes. The box the products come with is very durable and I keep them to store products, but the confetti inside is so annoying! It gets everywhere and is a waste of paper. This used to be my favorite beauty box, but over time the boxes started to contain more and more emerging brands with limited reviews.

PLAY by Sephora – $10/month
This is currently my favorite box! Each month there is a theme, the box is customize based on your skin type, and each box will have 4-5 items (1 is always a perfume sample).While the products are small, all of the brands are sold at Sephora so the products are more high end and high quality.

Julep – $24.99/month
You take a beauty quiz and can actually choose the products you want in your box. At first I was worried about the quality of the products because they are all Julep branded, but I was very impressed by the products I received. I also think the products are innovative–from the packaging of the nail polish to different form (this is where I discovered cream stick blushes).

Memebox – Varies
These boxes are curated Korean products and you know exactly what you will get in each box. Korean products are innovative and high quality, but I am unfamiliar with the brands and the products, so this was a great way for me to try many products from various brands. Since you can see what products are in each box, it’s easy to search for reviews first before purchasing. I have received a couple boxes and you can read one of my reviews here.

BeautyDNA – $15 first month, $25 subsequent months
You take a long test and then prioritize what you want in your next box by ranking various skincare needs. While you cannot select what product will end up in the box, it is easy to guess what the product will do. For example, if you select acne pigmentation as your #1 concern, you may receive a serum to fade hyper pigmentation. Or if you select frizzy hair as your #1 concern, you may get a hair treatment or conditioner to treat frizzy hair. I stopped subscribing to this because I don’t want to be stuck with full-sized items I don’t love. The two items I received were so-so, and I would rather spend more on a product I love. This is a great option for people who wants value because most of the products are valued at over $50 but you only need to pay $25 per month.

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there! Let me know what is your favorite beauty subscription box!