Gift Guide for the Homebody

December 6, 2017

gift guide for the homebody

I cannot believe Christmas is in less than 20 days! I’m so happy that I’m all done with my Christmas shopping. There were some amazing Cyber Monday deals this year, so I purchased everything online! I have created holiday gift guides for him and her the past two years. This year I am going to do something slightly different. I tend to hibernate during the winter, so I thought it’d be fun to come up with a gift guide for the homebody like myself. I would also love to hear your product recommendations!

Planner // I just purchased a 2018 planner and I cannot wait to start writing things down. Of course I probably won’t get around to doing most of the things I dream up, but as long as I have a plan, I will get around to at least half of them!

UGG Slippers // My feet are always cold, so I live in these slippers all winter long. I love the soft sheepskin and have bought several pairs over the years. Here is a version for men.

Barefoot Robe // Of course I have to recommend my favorite robe! These are the most luxurious robe I’ve ever worn. They are incredibly soft and feel like you have a cozy blanket wrapped around you all day.

Eye Mask // I purchased this eye mask from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple years back. It is made with copper which is supposed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I packed this for our family vacation to Alaska last summer and it did an amazing job of staying on all night and blocking out all the light.

Candles // If you’re going to stay in, then scented candles are a must. I love Nest candles because the smell lingers throughout the entire apartment. Even though Nest is quite expensive, the candles will last a long time. The last one I had lasted for about 6 months!

Electric Kettle // This is on my Christmas wish list! On weekends I’m often boiling a pot of hot water on a sauce pan to make tea, drip coffee, or hot chocolate. Having an electric kettle would be so much faster and you can set the temperature based on the type of drink you’re making.

Crockpot // I love spending weekends baking and cooking. People say slow cookers are perfect for busy work days, but who even has time to prep in the morning?? I never use the slow cooker on week days. This All Clad slow cooker is one of my favorite items in the kitchen. I prep everything in the late morning, and then I can go about my day doing other lazy things around the apartment before dinner is ready.

Humidifier // A humidifier is great in the winter because it helps prevent dry skin and the spread of airborne viruses, but it also helps relieve cold/allergy symptoms. A much cheaper option is from Crane, though it is meant for just a small room.

Face Mask // My Sunday nights are reserved for face masks. I am loving this charcoal mask that will shrink pores, firm skin and strip away dead skin. When I need extra hydration, I will put on a sheet mask.

Hulu and Netflix // We recently canceled cable! No more Chopped or Real Housewives for me… Instead, I will be binge watching shows on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

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