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May Beauty Discoveries

June 8, 2016

may 2016 beauty favorites

Three days ago, Ditch the Heels celebrated 1 year since its first post!! I cannot believe it has been a year already. This has been an amazing journey of learning and I plan to continue posting! I will actually have a longer post about this next week, so for now, lets talk about my May beauty discoveries since I am so behind schedule on this 🙂

For those new to my blog, every month I write about new beauty discoveries instead of monthly favorites since my favorites don’t change very often. I try to use these discoveries for the entire month in order to write a fair review. Here are some new products I used throughout May:

MAC Fix+ – This is a mist packed with vitamins and minerals to give the skin a boost of hydration. It is a cult favorite that I purchased recently. It doesn’t make my makeup last longer, but it hydrates the skin and creates a dewy makeup look. I also like to spray this on makeup brushes before putting on eye shadow because it makes the colors more vibrant.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Mascara – I would say this is an average mascara. It is long wearing and provides volume and length, but got clumpy after just a couple of weeks.

LUSH Lip Scrub – I recently ran out of the Sara Happ lip scrub, a scrub I’ve been using for 5+ years, and I thought I should try something new. I like that the castor sugar in the Lush scrub is extremely fine so it’s not as rough on the lips, but the scrub does not have enough oil to hold everything together, so every time I apply it, sugar just goes everywhere. It is not as effective as the Sara Happy scrubs either, so I would recommend purchasing the Sarah Happ scrubs instead!

Benefits Cosmetic Hoola Bronzer – I never used to apply bronzer, but I have been in a bronzing mood this Spring! This is another cult favorite that I decided to try out. It is absolutely beautiful!! It looks very natural and subtle on my skin, but if I get any tanner this won’t show up on my skin anymore. I will be switching to a different bronzer and will save this for the winter months when my skin is lighter.

Ciate Sundays Nail Polish – I’ve been wearing this color for over a month now!! It is a beautiful light pink–perfect for Spring/Summer/wedding. The formula is long wearing, shiny and easy to apply.

ciate sunday nail polish

ciate sunday nail polish

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Beauty, Makeup, Nails

April Beauty Discoveries

May 2, 2016

Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact The Afternooner, Anastasia That Glow, Dior Polka Dots Manicure Kit Confettis, Jouer Crème Liquid Lipstick in Melon

May already?! Summer is just around the corner and I’ve been having fun trying out new makeup from the recent Sephora sale! These are new beauty discoveries and favorites. Lets get started!

Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact The Afternooner – I am in love with this palette. The packaging is stunning–white cover with gold interior and large mirror. This is a huge all-in-one compact–it has a highlighter, blush, and bronzer that looks extremely beautiful together. I apply these separately or swirl all three colors together on the cheeks. The colors are natural and very pigmented–it’s important to apply with a light hand. The texture is a cream-like powder and the product stays on all day. This is a limited edition and out of stock in many places, so backorder this soon if you want this!

Anastasia That Glow – I am all about highlighting these days! When I first purchased this product, I was going to return it because I already have a couple other highlighters but quickly changed my mind. All the colors are beautiful, but my favorites are bubbly and dripping in gold. I love the shimmer on them. This palette is sold out at most retailers as well!

Dior Polka Dots Manicure Kit Confettis – How fun is this kit?? Perfect for spring and summer! The kit comes with two miniature nail polishes with the standard Dior applicator brush and a dotting pencil. The colors are beautiful and complimentary, perfect for the polka dot design.

Jouer Crème Liquid Lipstick in Melon – This is currently one of the most popular lipsticks so most colors are sold out! I purchased one to see what all the hype was about and I understand now. It’s easy to apply, stays on ALL DAY, is moisturizing, and does not transfer onto other things.

Let me know in the comments below if there is a product you’ve been loving recently!

Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact The Afternooner

Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact The Afternooner

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Dior Polka Dots Manicure Kit Confettis

Dior Polka Dots Manicure Kit Confettis

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Favorite Fall Nails

November 14, 2015

Nails Inc Uptown Essie In Stitches Dior Diorette 988

Over the summer, I was wearing lots of bright nail colors, but this fall I have been wearing more neutrals and darker shades. It’s interesting to see how the change in season changes people’s preference in nail colors. I miss those bright pastel colors from the summer, but it would just be odd wearing some of the colors now, especially since Chicago is getting so cold, dark, and gloomy. Here are the three colors I have been wearing again and again this fall!

I received Nails Inc. Uptown in my September 2015 Glossybox. This is a beautiful dusty pink. It is highly pigmented and thick, so only one coat was needed. It lasted almost a week with no chips. This is a safe color to wear to interviews and coffee chats during recruiting season because it almost blends in with the skin.

essie In Stitches is one of my top 5 nail polishes. The picture doesn’t do it justice so I’d recommend you go out and get this! When I have this on, sometimes I stare at my nails for minutes because I get so mesmerized by the gorgeous color. The quality is so-so. Essie nail polishes are more known for the lovely colors than quality. It will last a week if a quality top coat is applied.

Dior Diorette 988 is my first luxury nail polish purchase. I’ve always wondered if luxury branded nail polishes are actually worth the money. It’s hard to describe the shade of 988 because it looks different under various light settings. It mostly looks plum, berry, or purple to me, but one of my friends said it is red and another said dark pink, so who knows! The formula is supposed to mimic the gel effect with a smooth and shiny finish. This is highly pigmented and does not cause any streaks. In the beginning I was not used to the large, long applicator. Due to the size, I was scared that I will make mistakes, but it was actually pleasantly easy and I was able to color my nails much faster than my other nail polishes. I expected this to last longer than my other polishes, but it was on par. I had a couple chips within a week. Overall, I am extremely pleased by the color and the applicator, but I’m not sure if this is worth the price. It is fine to splurge every now and then, but I purchase new shades every season, so this wouldn’t be affordable! Therefore, I probably won’t be purchasing a luxury nail polish for a while and I will be using up every last drop of this one!

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors? I am especially interested to hear if you’ve tried a luxury nail polish brand and what you think of them. Do you think it’s worth the price?

Nails Inc Uptown Essie In Stitches Dior Diorette 988

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August and September 2015 Glossybox

September 22, 2015

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Pre-term started last Tuesday, and I had my first final on Saturday. Regular classes started yesterday but I feel like I am still in summer mode!

With all of my travels in the last few weeks, I am way behind on my Glossybox post. I have both the August and September boxes to review. For those who don’t know what is Glossybox, it is a beauty subscription box that costs $21 a month. This is a little pricer than other beauty subscription boxes, but I love it because of the larger sized samples. I just placed my subscription on hold because I am interested in trying out a couple other beauty subscriptions, so I’ll be reviewing those in the upcoming months!


I was so excited to see City Cosmetics Complexion Perfecting Cream. It is an overnight cream that lighten dark spots, revitalize skin, combat dullness and address the appearance of blotchiness, blemishes, and discoloration. I have only tried it once so I don’t know if the product will do what it claims, but I really like the texture and it feels extremely hydrating. The sample size was large, and will probably last me a few months!

I have been using Glamglow products for years now, but I’ve never tried the mud to foam daily exfoliating cleanser, so it was such a delight to find this in the box! I haven’t used it yet but placed it in my travel box since it’s the perfect size to bring on a trip. This was my favorite item in the box! Continue Reading…

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Fun Summer Nails!

June 27, 2015

IMG_1830 (1)

School is out, summer is here, and I am motivated to paint my nails again! I love pastel colors for summer, but I also love pinkish/red tints for all seasons. If you change your nail polish often, make sure to use nail polish and removers that do not have harsh ingredients. For example, most nail polish removers have acetone, which leads to dry and cracked nails. That is one of reasons I don’t like going to nail salons (I’m also a perfectionist and needs to make sure my nails are filed perfectly). I love Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover. It is soy based, non toxic, non carcinogenic, and free of any petroleum. It is super effective and only requires a few rubs to get everything completely removed. It is less than $12 on Amazon and the bottle lasts a LONG time. It took me over a year to go through my first bottle! It’s also important to apply cream or oil that hydrates and revitalizes the nails. Normally after I remove my nail polish, I apply essie apricot cuticle oil for a couple of days straight before I apply new nail polish.


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